Vision Critical & Facebook
Messenger - The Dream Team.

With a Chatlab integration from VC LABS it's
extremely easy to distribute Vision Critical survey
invites over Facebook Messenger.

  • Step 1

    Invite your community
    members to opt
    into Facebook
    Messenger as a distribution


  • Step 2

    For each survey, schedule an
    invitation addressed
    to the members that
    opted into your Facebook

    Messenger channel.

  • Step 3

    That's it

    Our Vision Critical / Chatlab
    handles the rest.

  • Sparq surveys present inside
    Facebook Messenger
    exactly as designed
    - no
    special formatting required.

    Your survey completes will
    sky rocket.

    Your community will thank
    you for
    embracing an
    alternative to email.

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The Super Simple Setup

  • Configure your Insight Bot
    VC Labs handles all the steps needed to configure your Insight Bot - including the connection to facebook; the configuration of your Bots Landing Page and vanity URL; and the authoring and publishing of the getting started experience.
  • Invite Your Community
    Once your Insight Bot is live, you simply reach out to your community and ask them if they would prefer to stay connected using Facebook Messenger. A Sparq survey is the easiest way to do this.
  • Secure your Subscriber list
    Members who select Messenger as a prefered channel are automatically directed to the messenger where they answer a single opt-in question to subscribe to the service.

The deployment story that
everyones chatting about

Deploying Vision Critical research activities on Facebook is
easy and low maintenance with a smart Chat Lab integration
from VC LABS.

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Deploy your Insight Bot surveys now, and experience a new
dimension in research and relationship-building.

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