Bringing Together The Power Of Sparq Surveys & Facebook Messenger


The Sparq customer intel platform lets you engage customers with security, confidence and ease. Facebook Messenger is the most powerful platform for conversing with your community. Now, VCLabs’ ChatLab brings them together for the first time.

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How it all works


Engage Members

Ask members to opt in and choose Facebook Messenger as a broadcast channel to receive surveys.


Use double opt-in for security

Members will be sent a message via Facebook Messenger asking permission to contact them there.


Set up ChatLab

Sparq instructs ChatLab to deliver surveys using InsightBot built for Facebook Messenger.



Publish your survey on Sparq and deploy it instantly.


Engage Community

Community members can now participate in the survey using Facebook Messenger.

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Harness the power and ease of Sparq and Facebook Messenger to experience a new level of effective research.

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