The Future Is

  • It's Next Gen Market

  • It builds relationships 🤝
    conversations 😃.

    … And to your customers,
    its just chat.

  • Check out the video below to learn more about
    the promise of messaging and chat bots.

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    • Hi there .

      I'm an Insight Bot 🤖... and I chat with your
      customers on Facebook Messenger.

    • But mostly, I listen and learn...

      ... Build loyal relationships 👍.

    • … And deliver awesome chats.

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    • Insight Bots are a special kind of chat bot
      built by VC LABS to support market research

    • Like all chatbots, Insight Bots are auto responders
      that chat with the user inside of a messaging app.

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    • For market researchers, Insight Bots add value
      at the relationship level by replacing surveys
      with a two-way dialog that persists over time.

    • Instead of a survey ... you send out a "CHAT" .

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    • ... And because chats are ongoing and
      conversational, it ends up being a more personal,
      and more engaging way to stay connected .

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    • Insight Bots can leverage all the functionality
      of the messaging app they are hosted in .

    • ...Which means research chats can be
      supported with rich media like
      stickers, videos, emojis , and GIFs.

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    • You can leverage camera access to receive video,
      and picture responses...

    • And even use advanced app fuctions like
      maps,  and location awareness to better
      understand context.

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    • With an Insight Bot from VC LABS,
      you can take the most powerful
      form of research (a two-way dialogue
      between a consumer and a brand)
      and make it your own.

    • Isn't it time you started talking
      with your customers again?



  • Conversational surveys are

  • They're more engaging and fun...

    ...More personal and convenient

    … And people actually enjoy

    taking them!

  • Not buying it?

    Try one yourself. You won't

    believe how fun doing
    can be. (Really!)

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  • Chat apps will come to be thought of as the new browsers; bots will be the new websites. This is the beginning of a new Internet.
    Ted Livingston Founder - KiK
  • "People are spending vast amounts of time in conversational interfaces and chat. At a strategic level, we want to be present in the places people spend their time,"
    Susan Etlinger Analyst - Accenture
  • Messaging is one of the few things that people do more than social networking.
    Mark Zuckerberg Founder - Facebook
  • Companies that use messaging channels to communicate with customers are way ahead of those who don't in various metrics, including customer win-back rates and Net Promoter Score (NPS).
    Peter Friedman Founder- LiveWorld

  • Meet Chat lab.

  • Your interface to easy
    conversational research.

    Did we mention 'easy'?

  • Chat lab enables you to create
    your own conversational

    There's no coding...
    and no hard math.

    Just the conversations you want to have with your
    and the tools you need to deliver them.

Vision Critical Surveys
Deployed on Facebook

  • A respected survey tool - Vision Critical.

    Published in a fun conversational form - Insight Bots.

    Presented on the world's most popular
    chat platform - Facebook Messenger.

  • How about THAT for the power
    of technology.

    Make it yours with a simple, low
    Chat lab
    integration from VC LABS.

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The most powerful
messaging platform
for businesses

Insight Bots from VC LABS are optimized for
Facebook Messenger… here's the billions of
reasons why.

  • Messenger has 1.6 billion

    active users a month

  • 60 million businesses are using
    Messenger to chat with their customers.

  • People exchange over 1 billion messages with
    businesses every month on Messenger

Put our solutions to

  • Market Research
    Insight Bots build relationships with consumers. These relationships deliver ongoing intel - the information your clients need, when they need it.
  • Customer Feedback
    Insight Bots deliver insightful customer feedback and strong customer relationships. No other research tool in the world compares.
  • Idea Generation
    Insight Bots build customer trust that leads to invaluable customer input. This input becomes your next big idea, or the innnovation tweak you've ben searching for.

VC LABS has a strong partnership with Vision Critical, and
we're excited to announce purpose-built Insight Bot solutions
for research teams that are already using the Vision Critical

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