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Introducing Chat lab - the platform for creating better
conversational surveys. Created by VC LABS - the
company that's rethinking research.

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  • With Chat lab you get everything you
    need to customize and deploy market
    research chat bots on Facebook

  • What customers see is CHAT.

    Just like this.

  • What you get are tools and templates
     to build , publish , promote ,
     and monitor your Insight Bots.

    Zero Coding
    Required .

  • Cool, tell me more.

  • You can publish quick hit

    Schedule sharebacks with
    broadcasts .

    Set up a landing page, and
    vanity URL so
     your bot is easy
    to find on the web.

    And, create auto responder
    rules so your
     bot responds
    naturally to open text

    messages from users.

  • What about tools for

  • Yup, we have those as well.
    keep scrolling down…

Built for researchers
by researchers

Chatlab provides the question types, and survey authoring 
tools that research teams need.

    • Publish media-rich answer lists
      with the scrollable
      gallery template.

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    • Publish different kinds of question types
      with our flexible Question Builder tool .

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    • Request open-ended feedback as text,
      image, video, or audio.

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    • Easily export your research data to 3rd
      party analysis tools.

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    • Recruit users, and promote your Insight Bot
      with a dedicated landing page, and vanity URL.

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    • Manage content publishing with our
      intuitive scheduling tools.

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    • Send out sharebacks, and quick hit
      questions with our broadcast tool.

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Flexible Question Types
  • Multiple Choice
  • Single Choice
  • Media Gallery
  • User Input
  • Video Responses
  • Audio Responses

More reasons to love
Chat lab

  • All our question types are
     with advanced

    Like skip logic.

    And support for rich media -
    images, GIFs,
     audio, and video.

  • It's super easy to plan and
    compose chat flows
     with our
    WYSIWYG editor.

    You can author and preview in real time on 
    both desktop , and mobile devices.

  • Fantastic, what else…

  • You can organize and
    structure research
    into activities…

    Then plan, publish, and
    schedule research

    participation with "activity

  • What about data?

  • We got your back on the data front, too.

    Chat Lab will export your data intelligently...

    So you can work your numbers using the
     tools you know best - Excel, SPSS, 
    Tableau, or even Photoshop (if thats
     your thing) .

The deployment story that
everyones chatting about

Deploying Vision Critical research activities on Facebook is
 low maintenance and reliable with a smart Chat Lab integration
 from VC LABS.

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What's right for you?

  • Product
    Build your own Insight Bot and conversational surveys with our dynamic Chat lab platform
  • Service
    Let our experts build your Insight Bot, and then author your chat surveys to match your client's needs.
  • Hybrid
    Build your own Insight Bot and chat surveys, but take advantage of our hands on help to make you an expert in the shortest time possible.

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