We're Rethinking Research

At VC Labs, we're reseach technologists through and
through. Our mission is to reinvent research. Here's
how we're doing that.

Pushing The Boundaries Of
Research Technology

  • We're innovating at the
    crossroads of market
    and technology.

  • Our history in research
    provides a clear picture
    of the
    limitations built into
    conventional tools.

  • Our passion for innovation
    drives us to smash

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Helping Brands talk to their
customers again

  • We believe the future is

    … that dialog, messaging apps,
    and chat
    bots are poised to
    redefine market research.

  • While our engineers build the
    tech to
    power this innovation

    …our services team, works
    hand in hand with
    brands to
    educate and execute around
    the big idea.

  • What else

  • Our Chatlab platform provides
    the horse power.

    Our Insight Bots deliver the

  • Magic, like conversational

    Selfie-video question types.

    Broadcast message sharebacks,
    and more.

  • Sounds Promising

  • We think so…

    We've seen big engagement
    spikes, and we're
    deep insights from groups
    deemed difficult or
    impossible to reach.

  • The technology is new, but
    it's showing a ton of


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  • "Our passion is finding new ways to engage consumers - ways that aren't as stilted and constrained as email surveys. Because, let's face it… people are tired of getting email surveys"
    Andrew Reid Founder, VC LABS
  • "The more we can mirror human conversations, the more likely it is our customers will give us deep, honest insights."
    Andrew Reid Founder, VC LABS
  • "All the big data in the world can't replace the insight generated in a real two-way dialogue"
    Andrew Reid Founder, VC LABS
  • "For the past 18 years, I've been incessantly curious about finding ways to engage people, collect info and report on that"
    Andrew Reid Founder, VC LABS

We Understand

  • Conversational Surveys
    The world talks with texting. That's why we use text to create effective, engaging surveys that get results.
  • Research Fundamentals
    Matching requirements to the right methodology. Getting unbiased results, and clean, easy data. We're rock solid on the fundamentals.
  • Partnership
    We love partnering on tough challenges, and exploring new tech with potential partners.

Help us push the envelop of
research innovation

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always looking for innovative people and
companis to partner with. If you understand
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