We Rethink Research

Insights create better products, better business, better brands. Our passion is creating tools, platforms and technologies that generate actionable insights.

"Our passion is finding new ways to engage consumers. Ways that aren’t as stilted and constrained as email surveys. Because let’s face it, people are tired of getting email surveys."

Andrew Reid, Founder & CEO

"When you create a mutual exchange of value with your survey participant - a win/win - then you get meaningful results."

Andrew Reid, Founder & CEO

"The more we can mirror human conversations, the more likely it is our customers give us deep, honest insights."

Andrew Reid, Founder & CEO

"All the big data in the world can’t replace the insight generated in a real two-way dialogue."

Andrew Reid, Founder & CEO

"For the past 18 years, I've been incessantly curious about finding ways to engage people, collect info and report on that."

Andrew Reid, Founder & CEO

How it all works

We rethink methodology

We create tools that motivate people to participate, using features they intuitively like and use everyday.

We rethink technology

We simplify and democratize complex technology. Putting powerful tools in the hands of business people, startups and researchers - people who really need them.

We rethink psychology

We turn information gathering into relationship building, and bring consumers aboard as respected co-collaborators.

Our ideas in action:
Introducing InsightBots.

Real relationships with real people are built on real conversations.

InsightBots bring authentic conversations to large scale research. And by engaging on platforms like Facebook Messenger, InsightBots ‘live’ where your audience is.

We are a proud partner of Vision Critical

InsightBots seamlessly integrates with the Sparq Platform with just a click of a button.

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